Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thank You to Our Vets!

For Christmas this year, one of my husband's presents was a DVD set of The Pacific.

*Disclaimer: This series is FULL of terrible language (Marines during WWII), and too many (by my standards, 1 is too many) er "intimate" scenes. Consider yourself forewarned should you choose to view this series.

This series is based on several real WWII vets. I sat dumbfounded at the absolute horror. I do not know how any of these men came home alive, and as we know, many, way too many, of them didn't.

These men gave of themselves for our freedom. That is something that we all hear over and over, but I think we are desensitized to the truth of it. Our news media makes over everything so much, that we tend to turn it out. But this series brought it home to me.

I wish that the language was not so terribly awful and that there were no bedroom scenes (honestly, those scenes are never necessary to a story line). I would like to allow my children to watch this. I want them to know what our troops did for us. What my grandfather experienced during WWII. What their grandfather experienced during Vietnam. Unfortunately, as it is, they will probably be adults like me before they get the opportunity to really get a feel of what these brave men went through for our freedom.

I would like to say a personal, "Thank you," to those who fought. Those who gave of their lives and their mental freedom so we can live free.

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