Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finding My Crafty Gal Self

Once upon a time BC (before children), I was a crafty gal. From a young age I liked to make gifts and create. When I got older, I entered craft shows. I spent my lunch hour walking the aisles of Michaels. Then my children came along, and my crafty gal self went away. However, my baby (my BABY) is now 8 and my wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL husband has been very good to me. Last year, he had a new room created in our house. We took a third of our living room, enclosed it and put a door on it. It is now referred to as THE SANITY ROOM. In the sanity room, I can set up my sewing machine and ironing board. I can put my cutting mat on the floor which can be scattered with pin cushions and scraps of material. This year, dear, wonderful husband installed cabinets. My glorious (albeit small) stash of fabric has been liberated from the containers that kept wonderful treasures of material hidden. I can simply open the door to a cabinet and SEE what material I have available to me. So glorious! I no longer have to use the excuse of having to pull all my supplies out of hiding (er, storage), lug thm in to the kitchen table and set up only to need to stop and make dinner then clear off said table so we can eat. I can step into my sanity room and sew or craft for a few minutes here and there and step out leaving everything where it was to resume my life as a wife and mother.

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