Sunday, July 27, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Finish

Finish. You can't actually finish unless you start. What have I started? Plenty of projects. Plenty of ongoing projects at this very moment. I have swatches of a new paint color on two of my bedroom walls. I have a bare concrete floor with patches of glue still staring at me. Unnumbered sewing projects-pot holders, pillows, a quilt...

So what is the problem here? I am starting things in order to fill a void. I do not yet know what that void is, I am working on that. I have my suspicions.

So maybe THAT is what I have started-the journey to figure out what that void is. The finish line is way in the distance I am afraid.

For now, I should focus on finishing some of these projects. Maybe the time it takes to do that will give me the much needed time I need to sort out that void.