Sunday, May 13, 2012

What a whirlwind

I have wanted to write a post so many times in the past two weeks, but I couldn't figure out how to put into words what I have been feeling.  The past two weeks have been such a bustle of activity.  Most good.  Some not so good.  All very thought provoking.

I would have to say that the activity that had the most impact on me was being allowed to provide labor support to my friend as she gave birth to her second child.  It is not my story, not really, but it is still a chapter in my life.  I do not know how someone can have the privileged of witnessing someone bring a new life onto this earth and not be profoundly affected.  When I had my first child, I experienced a bit of postpartum depression.  It was wonderfully lifted when I was able to share the story of my birth experience.  That experience lead me to believe how cleansing it is to verbally share your story.  From viewing the process, there is so much I want to share, but honestly I do not feel I can.  As I said, it is not my story to tell.  And while I have no desire to share the story of the birth, I want to tell how incredible it was to witness. But I now understand why Mary, "pondered all these things in her heart."  Jesus' birth was not about Mary, but how could she not be affected?  I will be forever changed and forever grateful to have been allowed such an opportunity.

The next event that took place is so pale in comparison as to be almost transparent.  However, I was immensely overjoyed to be able to sew a dress for my daughter that she not only loved, but that she received many compliments for.  Not that I wanted compliments; however, have you gone clothing shopping for a young girl who is trying to live while displaying a testimony for Christ?  It is next to impossible to find suitable clothing.  So I took matters into my own hands.  I knew the style she was looking for, so I found a pattern then showed her the line drawing.  My dear daughter is such a visual person.  Once she sees something in a certain pattern of fabric, she cannot look beyond that far enough to see the style and know that it can be made of something different.  My plan worked, and she gave me permission to proceed.  Several years ago, she was involved in Christian Youth Theater.  I worked on the costume committee for several shows and made some pretty nice pieces.  But I was hesitant to try it for Snickerdoodle.  I decided to put that fear behind me and I am so glad I did.  The dress was a triumph.

The next activity was that the husband and I got away for a couple of days, sans children, for our 17th anniversary.  We have never been able to do that and it was quite nice to be able to leave our children in the care of very capable people and just enjoy being a couple again for a few days.

However, real life smacked us in the face very quickly after getting back home. We had to put our dog, who has been with us for 15-1/2 years, down because of a series of health complications.  That is an experience I never wish to repeat.

I also got to put my new found sewing confidence to use when a friend asked me to alter her daughter's prom dress.  Talk about nervous!  Try cutting into the fabric of a dress that someone has paid more than $100.00 for.  But I was glad I was able to do it.

One more big event.  Today, on Mother's Day, Snickerdoodle and myself, along with other moms and their daughters, got to go enjoy an afternoon and evening together.  We went out to eat, then went to see a Britt Nicole concert.  Not that big of a deal for me, but a huge deal for my daughter.  She was even able to "touch" Britt.  Heartwarming to share that with my girl.

Other mentionable activities include son #1 going on a overnight hiking trip--that gave me much reason to worry, and Bubbie Boy testing all my fortitude as a mother.

Ahh, onward and upward!