Thursday, August 27, 2009

Learnin' 'Bout This Bloggin' Thing!

Please bear with me. I am so new to this blogging thing. I am experimenting--trying to find "my look." Having fun while doing so!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Generous Book Give-away

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Playing Catch-Up

O.K., so probably, the really good bloggers blog every day. And I'm glad they do, because it can be rather entertaining. However, I am not a really good blogger. I am a beginner. And probably I will look back on this and cringe. But it is what it is for now.

So . . . I have a lot of catching up to do today.

My Birthday 2009

Monday was my birthday. Now, I had originally planned on starting school that day, but I hit a couple of snags: 1) The Heart of the Matter Online Conference started that day with Sheila Wray Gregoire speaking on "Living Up to the Potential of Homeschooling." I love this gal. So part of my present to me was to listen to her first thing in the morning (6:15 AM). 2) My mom called me to say that she had asked off work for the day so she could spend it with me. Well, school could wait a day. So my mom came over and made french toast for breakfast. She used a bread she bought at Safeway that was made for making french toast. It actually had maple syrup baked into it. Anyway, this was a huge treat for me, because I tend to shy away from yeasted breads. But, you will be happy to know, I enjoyed it to the fullest.

Now, here's where it gets a little funny. I had decided to give myself the day off, right? So, why at 11:00 AM in Tucson (can we say, "Hot!") did I decide to go outside and do serious work on my pumpkin patch? We moved vines and pumpkins and mowed under them. We raked up grass. We were very sweatish. Well, I know the reason why: it was something I had been wanting to do, but wouldn't give myself permission to do because of all the other things that need my attention during a normal day.

So after a nice shower and a little nap, what did I decide to do next? Clean out the dirty, nasty, yucky, icky, gross pee trap in one of my children's bathroom sinks. Yes, I have a weird way of celebrating, don't I? But I was happy. This was something else I needed to do, but so many other things always pulled me away.

Dinner of the Birthday Day

Mom made Taco Rice for dinner. Basically this is what she did:

Browned 2 lbs. ground beef
Added taco seasoning and tomato sauce with a little water
Added cooked brown rice

This was served with all the usual taco fixings. Yummy, yummy to our tummies.

For dessert: my husband made me a Butterscotch Apple Cake. Can we say ohh, ahh? Why, yes, we can; and, yes, we did.

Heartfelt Presents

From mom: Pink roses and a day without having to cook or clean the kitchen (Happy dance!!!)
From sis: Dove bar (Dancing, again!!!)
From hubby: This may sound a little weird, but he got me a plain wedding band. Now, I asked for this. We take karate, and I am not allowed to wear my wedding rings to class because of the setting. So I take it off for class, and several days later I realize I haven't put it back on. So now, I can still let everyone know that I am a happily married woman who goes to karate.

Here's where I choke up: This was the first year my children spent their own money on a gift for me. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I have been waiting for them to spend their money on me, but this is a MILESTONE, people! For an 11 year old and a 7 year old to go to the bank (or piggy bank), take out money, plan on the gift they want to buy, then ask Grammy to take them to buy the gift . . . that's big.

From 11 YO DD: Pier I gift card
From 7 YO DS: New yogurt bowl (I eat yogurt and cereal practically every morning for breakfast, and I like deep bowls with lots of room for mixing), new cup (that matched aforementioned bowl) for, "Anything you want to drink, Mom.", and a new mug. How absolutely sweet and precious?

Thus ended one of the happiest birthdays I can remember.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Simple Woman

FOR TODAY Friday, August 7, 2009
Outside my window... my basil plant needs harvesting.
I am thinking... we need to get back on task.
I am thankful for... a wonderful husband and great kids.
From the learning rooms...(in a few minutes) Sonlight Core 3+4.
From the kitchen... homemade pizza.
I am wearing... jean capris and a tee shirt.
I am creating... a blog.
I am going... to the library.
I am reading... "Women's Intuition" (Lisa Samson).
I am hoping... we will be calm in the face of upcoming changes.
I am hearing... the A/C.
Around the house... the kids are independently keeping themselves busy.
One of my favorite things... cherry fruit spread.
A few plans for the rest of the week: work on school schedules.
Here is picture thought I am sharing... Our first cucumber from our garden!

Join "The Simple Woman's Daybook"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Anxious to Start Our New School Year

Well, it is almost here--the beginning of our 7th year of homeschooling. When I started with my DD in kindergarten, I had a 3 year old and a nursing 1 year old. I needed something simple. Something that told me what to do when. I grew up in Pensacola, Florida, so I had some knowledge of Abeka. So that is the route we went. We used Abeka up through fourth grade. Then last year, I got a hold of Kathy Duffy's 100 Top Curriculm Picks. Well, from there the Lord took me on a little journey with Charlotte Mason. I didn't do everything the Charlotte Mason way, but I really like the philosophy. So this year, we are going to use Sonlight for our history. We are doing Core 3+4. I am trying to get my daughter in a good position for high school. We still have three years, but it doesn't hurt to prepare, right?

So, always in the past I have felt we should do arithmetic and language first. This year, I have decided to start our day with history and science. I want to get started at a more regular time each day. My older two children will work more on their own with their math and language, thus giving me the opportunity to get my 2nd grader reading better. Lessons will be scheduled, and if they are not finished, there will be homework. I want to get down to business. We need a little more structure. The last two years have wrecked havoc on our school day--we have had A LOT of major changes, and we have not done what I would have liked to. I think we learned a lot--at least I did about schooling and knowing my children. The last two years weren't wasted--they were good for me. But my daughter has desires for her life, and I want to help her realize those desires.
To that end, I am going to try very had to keep us at home much more this year. Last year, we participated in a co-op, and while it was great, it took a whole day out of our week. With little things that sounded great here and there, time was just eaten up. WE ARE STAYING HOME THIS YEAR! If something isn't planned, it won't be done. And things that are planned will be watched carefully for time.

My goal is for me to be up, have exercised, showered and dressed by 8:00 so I can fix breakfast and start school by 9:00. I would like the kids to be up at 7:30 so chores can be done. We will do the schooling we need to do together first, then break off into individual studies. Lunch will be between 11:30 and 12:00. Back to the books by 1:00 and hopefully done with our day by 3:00. This is what I would like, whether or not it happens remains to be seen.

I am excited though. I have very happy thoughts about this year.



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