Friday, March 12, 2010

Home or Science Lab

Well, science lab may be taking it too far, but this year has been one consumed with science for us.

Our homeschool group has a science club--Quest Science Club. This was the second year they had a science fair. We entered last year and got hooked. (O.K., momma-teacher got hooked. The kids just didn't stand a chance against getting out of it this year.)

This was the first year we participated in the regional science fair--SARSEF. This fair included students from homeschools, public schools, private schools and charter schools.

I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the results:

Horse Girl's project was Fluffy Stacks of Perfection. In this project, she tried to find out what liquid and leavening agent produced the fluffiest pancakes (buttermilk and baking powder, in case you are wondering). At Quest, she received a $25.00 culinary award and a certificate to make hand-tossed pizza at a local pizza restaurant. She did not place at SARSEF, but we are very happy, non-the-less.

Pea Picker did a project with his dad. Being the trap and skeet shooter he is, Pea Picker did a project along those lines--Shooting Up a Pattern measured the patterning effects of steel and lead shot (lead patterns better). At Quest, Pea Picker took the WOW award from Mad Science and he also won the best notebook. At SARSEF, he won a second place prize in his grade level.

Bubbie-Boy is my chemistry guy. He loves to mix potions. In The Amazing Inflating Balloon he mixed different household liquids (vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice and Coke) with substances (yeast, pop rocks, baking soda and Alka Seltzer) to see which produced the best chemical reaction to blow up balloons. At Quest, he won best display board with good science. At SARSEF he took a second place prize.

I am tired and ready to hang up my lab coat--oh, wait, Horse Girl will be starting her project for next year in a couple of weeks. Maybe I will just give my lab coat a good washing.

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