Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday at Ten {Gather}

I am so thankful that there are writers who want to share their joy of writing by inviting others to join in and write on a given topic. These wonderful people are so open and accepting of other writers no matter their current ability and flub-ups are always welcome because they have been there and understand.

Today I am writing because of Karen at Finding the Grace Within. Thank you, Karen, for inviting me on this journey.


At first glance, I think of gathering my thoughts. I am in the process of learning to be kinder to myself-to take the time to care for myself. Today, as I was looking up an exercise video on Pinterest, I clicked onto a link that talked about how meditation is a key element in building a healthy immune system. When I think of meditating, I think of centering my thoughts-gathering my thoughts, if you will.

My brain usually is jumping all over the place, a virtual haven of Mexican jumping beans. Do you remember those? They came in a little plastic case. The beans would jump and dance to a gentle clicking sound. But there was no noticeable pattern. You didn't know which bean would jump next or when it would jump. That's my brain and thought process. So gathering my thoughts would be a relief.

Centering myself and focusing on just one thought at a time is virtually impossible. I do not enjoy sitting in church and listening to the sermon. Not because I do not care for the things of God, but because I cannot make myself focus on the sermon. I tune in for about half a minute, then my mind is off on another path. About five minutes later I will make a conscious effort to focus once again on the topic at hand, only to realize ten minutes later that I have no idea what the preacher said.

What is the problem? Do I lack self discipline? Am I back-slidden? My usual explanation is that I am ADHD. No official diagnosis, but I have serious suspicions. Let's be honest. The answer is that I am just like most other moms. I have about fifty billion pots simmering at any given time. I barely move the pot on the front burner off the stove, before another has to be whisked right into its place. And the truth of the matter is that my stove has about twelve front burners.

What was the topic? Ah, right...gathering. I am discussing gathering my thoughts. I can picture myself in my mind's eye. I am sitting cross-legged on the brown carpet of my living room floor. I have gentle, soothing, uplifiting music quietly playing. My diffuser is releasing a pleasant, refreshing scent into the air. My eyes are closed, palms are laying face up on my bent legs. All tension and stressed is released from my face, my shoulders. I grab onto one thought. I stay focused and centered on that thought. No others penetrate my thought process. I am able to give my complete attention to this one issue. Thoroughly dissect it and solve its nuances. All my energy, breath and focus are gathered into one place.

What a beautiful dream, a worthy aspiration. Out of my reach? Beyond the realm of possibility? No. It is there, ready, waiting to be gathered.

Want to join in the fun?

Tuesdays at Ten


  1. Awesome. My thoughts are so jumbled I don't believe my "Gather" post was even understandable! =) I think I'm going to go sit and meditate on God for awhile ... Thank you for this awesome post. I loved it.
    - Andrea

  2. My word for this summer is "Abide" - I have had to scale back on many things over the past 2 years due to some health issues, and my Abba Father is whispering to me during this time of rest, "I AM all you need." Thank you for your post - my brain is always jumbled and I need to take time to sit - to Abide in Him - It's really fairly simple, isn't it? And so worth the reward of being in His Presence <3 Have a beautiful day sister ~ Dianna

  3. Hi.. thank you so much for being a part of my Tuesday at Ten.. I love your style of writing ... its unique and really clean :) ... thank you for sharing this and writing a beautiful rendition of the word Gather and what it means in your life :) I look forward to reading more