Sunday, August 24, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Change

I have been waiting in anticipation all week to find out what the word prompt would be this week.  Then when it was announced I came up blank. But this morning, during my ten-minute vacation (aka my morning shower), an epiphany hit. So without further ado, I give you my five minutes on . . .


Can you think back to a moment in your life that was the epicenter for huge change? At the moment, you have no realization of what is happening. I am not talking about something big like a marriage, birth of a baby or the death of a loved one. I am talking about something simple that you just didn't give a huge amount of thought to at the time, but later on, down the road, you can see that it was the beginning of something big.

This brings to mind a tsunami. Plates move under the earth all the time.  They move under the ocean all the time. They do not always cause a catastrophic change. But once every while (too often, I am sure, for those who live through the horror), the movement of those plates cause something huge to happen.

A little over two years ago there was a series of "plate movements" in my life. At the time, they just gave me pause and caused me to scratch my head. But in retrospect, I can see that they were the beginning of something huge; something that has been tremendously life changing for me. I am on a new journey. It is scary. It is exhilarating.

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Do you want to join in the fun of waiting each week for a writing prompt, then spending five minutes putting your spin on it?

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  1. I am experiencing great change and don't know how it will turn out. After homeschooling for 19 years, all of my remaining children are in school. I hope someday to look back on this with fondness or growth or something good.