Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Own Personal Homeschool Conference!

I am really so excited. The Homeschool Conference that I would normally attend was last weekend. For months I have really been wanting to go, but I just could not bring myself to spend the money--tickets to the conference, gas, hotel, food, etc. I have been looking at "conferences" held online--where you can listen live or download the chats for later. Still, the one I found was a little more expensive than I was willing to spend. Then, through The Homeschool Lounge, I came across the Heart of the Matter online conference! The 2009 conference costs $12.95. I got to digging, looking, and found that I really like the topics from the 2008 conference. I was bummed! I missed those. And, yet, hark! I was able to get all the downloads from 2008 as well as a ticket to 2009 for $19.95! Yeah! I have my own conference going on while I am cleaning and doing dishes. Although, I need to sit down and re-listen to a few because I need to take some notes.

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