Thursday, July 16, 2009

First post on a new blog

O.K., so why am I here? Not the BIG "Why am I here?" Just why do I want to blog. Well, I feel the need to be heard. The thought occurs that I may not be heard by anyone in particular, but I will have at least put my thoughts out there.

What do I want this blog to be? I want to keep track of my day to day life. What I am doing with my children. The meals I am preparing. I want to have a place to comment about things I see in my world. And I say my world because even though the world is so large, my little corner is so very teeny tiny.

So to start. I have recently been on a quest to feed my family less meat. Not for any noble cause like I have compassion on all the animals (although I am not without feelings for them). But I was in Sprouts one day shopping. I looked down at my cart and was simply disgusted my the amount of meat I had in the cart and the lack of vegetables. I put all the meat back that day and strolled around the produce section. I came home that night and made roasted vegetable and black bean burritos. I had started a new journey for us. Now it is my goal to greatly reduce our meat consumption--though not completely. It is my hope that this blog helps me keep track of what meals I have prepared thereby making a template for me to shop and cook by.

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