Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our School Room

I am putting some thought into this topic for this week's blog hop.Not Back to School Blog Hop We don't have a school room per se. Learning takes place everywhere. It should take place everywhere. I tell my children that if we are ever out and someone asks them why they aren't in school, they should say, "I'm homeschooled. Every minute is a learning opportunity."

As far as "doing" schoolwork, Horse Girl has a loft bed with a desk underneath. She likes to work there. Also, this year, she really wanted backpack. I think it is a little funny for a homeschooler to have a backpack, but she really wants to experience a little more of "real school."

Pea Picker and Bubbie Boy do most of their work at the kitchen table--the most convenient place for mom.

Last year, I invested in a basket for each to store books. It has been a wonderful organizational tool.

Also, my wonderful Lovin' Man made a white board/organizational board. The white board is on the right. On the left are bins for storing papers (and other stuff) and clips for displaying artwork, etc.

Here's to a wonderful, productive school year no matter where our children choose to learn or where they learn best.


  1. Looks great. It is really handy when they have a place to put all their stuff-makes clean up quick. :)
    I hope you guys have a great homeschool year.

  2. Love the white/organization board. Excellent idea!

  3. The organization board really looks like it would make any room a great schoolroom. :)

  4. Love that organization board! Thanks for sharing your learning environment :)

  5. Where did you find baskets that color? Love it!

  6. Ohhh, I love the multiple clips to hang things up. I agree with learning everywhere. Most of our seat lessons take place at the dining room table. Instead of your cool baskets to organize their own books in, I have cardboard magazine files that I let them decorate & that has been a great organizational tool that I have loved! Happy learning to you & yours.

  7. What a nice system you have. We are "everywhere is school" people, too, but as you note, there has to be some sort of organization. Those baskets are great, and the board is brilliant. I hope you have a very happy and blessed school year.