Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fell-Behind Friday (Commonly known as "Five Minute Friday")

When the kids started school this year I decided that I would take a trip into my passions.  Writing is one of those passions.  I found Lisa-Jo Baker's blog and Five Minute Friday.  I was so excited and looked forward each week to the prompt.  Then life happened.  Somehow I got bogged down with mental overload and physical fatigue.  I let Friday after Friday to by without participating in the writing party.

As a part of my Christmas Bucket List (really, I don't care for that name--how morbid--but everyone knows what someone means when it is said--"Thank you, Mr. Nicholson"), I have decided to catch up on the writing prompts.  One prompt a day.  I may or may not keep my writing time to five minutes.  I will probably put more thought into what I write. 

I will be doing my best to be back online on the 23rd.

Until then . . .

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