Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A List of Blessings

Several weeks ago I received a weekly sales email from CBD in which was advertised a book called One Thousand Gifts. I looked at it and even visited the author's website. For some reason, I decided that it is not a book that I wish to read. This morning, I received my daily email from Heart of the Matter Online and it contained a giveaway for this book. I read through the post, entered the giveaway and decided to join the blessings link-up. You see, the reflection on what I am thankful for calmed my spirit and made me even feel like my body temperature dropped a couple of degrees. In no particular order . . .

  1. A little boy who LOVES, LOVES, LOVES me
  2. A beautiful daughter growing into a lovely young lady
  3. A son growing strong and tall much sooner than I thought possible
  4. A husband who provides and protects
  5. Juicy, ripe, sweet strawberries
  7. Music
  8. Encouragement from others
  9. Croaking frogs
  10. Singing birds
  11. The sound of water
Hmmm, I could get carried away and that would be a good thing. Maybe I will come back and add later. Probably I should.

1 comment:

  1. It's a good list. A very peaceful happy list. I like it! :)